Why Sports need to be taken seriously?

We live in a country where children are burdened with heavy bags on their shoulder. The big books, lots of homework and long hour classes in school forms the life of Indian kids. The pressure of parents and relatives keep the children engaged in mugging and studying all the time.

When it comes to sports, the schools just have a Physical Education class which is not taken seriously either by school management or by the parents of a student. No one realizes the importance of sports along with the studies. It’s not just to keep us away from the studies but to make us healthy and fit.


Sports teach us how to live a disciplined life. It teaches sportsmanship and the importance of competing and winning in life. It helps to understand the true meaning of trust and believing in a team. It teaches us to work hard and to be passionate for our work. Everything we learn while playing a sport can be applied to live a better life.

Once we complete all the studies and grow up to have a good sitting job to be happy about, we realize the pain of not playing a sport. The back pains and body ache tells us that it’s not just the study but sports which keep us going in life. Nothing can be compared to a good health. If we are healthy and fit enough to work, we can learn and achieve everything but without a healthy body, everything is incomplete.

It’s a high time that we understand the importance of sports in our school curriculum and especially in our life. Being a topper in school can get someone a great job with enormous money but can never assure a good healthy body to work and earn. Subjects are to be learned, but sports are meant to be applied in life.

Hope the new generation gets more time to smile and play than to sit around and study the whole day.

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