The Monkeyman of India

Jyotiraj, a man from Chitradurga a village in Karnataka, is on the top list of worldwide solo rock climbers and is playfully known as Monkey-man of India. Jyotiraj is a natural climber who can climb mountains without harness – just like agile apes! A real Bahubali who lives a life of free will, climb mountains, save people and is called as Kothiraj a Tamil word meaning Monkeyman. Jotiraj is a tourist attraction and valuable talent of his village.

Jyotiraj has been featured in many foreign TV shows and documentaries showcasing his astonishing super talent. He was featured in the show Stanley’s Super Humans on History channel and Ripley’s Believe it or not.Chitradurga_Climbing 54

 The real life Spiderman encountered his special abilities when he was fighting with the dark phase of his life. He was 3 years old when he lost his way in the temple of Tamilnadu. Thereon, people of a sweet factory, where he worked and spent initial years of his life, brought him up. He worked as child labour and endured bad behaviour of his colleagues. Workers of the sweet factory often beat him up. One day escaped this place and went to a village near Chitradurga, where he spent some time with a poor family but due to social and economic issues he had to part ways from those people.

 Detachment from all dear ones broke Jyotiraj emotionally and loneliness made him realize he has nobody to care for him. He contemplated killing himself through poisoning and drowning, but all efforts got failed because destiny had other plans for him. Finally, he decided to jump from the fort but while he was climbing like a monkey he caught the attention of people and tourist of that area. Jyotiraj climbed half way through when he looked down and saw everybody was amused by him and cheering for him. He finally reached the top but changed his mind and procrastinated his suicide because he didn’t want to be saved by these people. When he came back from the top everybody was giving him money for his unorganised act of dare. He earned 6,500 rupees that day.Chitradurga_Climbing 57

 “I spent my whole night trying to count the money, but I failed. I was not educated enough to count. What I had for me was a lot of money” told Jyotiraj.

 He aims to conquer Burj Khalifa as he adopts this as a professionalism sport. Currently, Jyotiraj gives training to poor kids who want to take up sports climbing as a career. Jyotiraj supports them financially and spends his earnings on these kids. Recently 5 children from Jyotiraj’s shelter have joined Indian Army.

 Jyotiraj understands the importance of education, “First in the morning my kids go to school and then they practice their sport I don’t want to see my kids suffer” said Jyotiraj.

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