The face of sport is changing in India. And here’s why

Sport in India is on the move. A definite yes, other sports are getting recognition now! This is not to say that cricket is on its way down, though, it is India’s leading sport and will remain so in the foreseeable future too. But the potential for other sports has finally been realized, the fact that there is an audience for other sports has been realized.  Other sports in India are not competing with cricket, they are ready to co-exist with it. In a nutshell, there’s enough demand for a variety of sports to flourish in India.

We have champions from all sports – wrestling, Badminton, Tennis, Shooting, Athletics, Football, Weightlifting, Archery, Hockey etc. We were lacking in infrastructure but with time, that has started to change too. Leagues are working as a catalyst in the growth of talent and sport itself, and participation of women in different sports and increasing number of female players shows how sports are progressively developing in India.

ISL and Pro Kabaddi league are the recent examples of the fact we have talented players in sports other than cricket. The recently conducted ISL Grassroots Programme showed that development of young talent is also an area of focus now. Indian sports culture is so adaptive that if they find passion watching in any sport, they are loyal towards it and will find time to watch it. Popularity & success of ISL, IPTL, Pro Kabaddi league, Badminton league, Hockey leagues is telling us there are many more to come.

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