The Changing Face of Sports Journalism

On Saturday 16th January, a conference on “The Changing face of Sports Journalism” was organized by the SportsKreeda newspaper at Delhi Book Fair Premises at Pragati Maidan. 
The conference was focussed on the development and challenges in the Sports Journalism with the ongoing scenario of journalism through social media, web portals, print media and televised media channels.
Mr. Mayank Singh, Associate Editor of monthly magazine Geopolitics carried the pace of the whole event with his mediating skills. Mr. Novy Kapadia, Dr.Smita Mishra, Roshan Jha, Varun Lau, Kieran D’souza, Prerna Dangi, Dr.Suresh Kumar Lau were the speakers for the whole event.
Mr. Novy Kapadia, a renowned sports journalist and commentator spoken about the ongoing procedure in media where grabbing information is easy with the help of technology and available web content but maintaining quality and relative competition is difficult.
Dr. Smita Mishra, Associate Professor SGTB Khalsa College whose brainchild is SportsKreeda newspaper mentioned issues related to a woman’s anatomy in the sports journalism. Challenges of a female reporter who wants to cover sports are no less than what a girl faces when she starts playing a sport. A male gaze which makes her conscious if she will be accepted as a female in this profession or not.
Dr. Suresh Kumar Lau (Advisor Limca Book of Records) discussed the process how sponsorships change the face of sports industry with yearly inflations in the revenue. With uniform profit in consecutive years, most sports are formed along the basis of broadcasting which leads to the expansion of revenue and audience, which also modifies the structure of jobs and offers much more opportunities in the sports journalism.

From Left to Right- Kieren D’souza, Mayank Singh, Prerna Dangi, Novy Kapadia, Varun Lau

Mr. Varun Lau mentioned his thoughts with the comparative analysis of EPL case study and current scenario of sports in India. EPL generates 48% of its revenue through broadcasting from sky sports and BT sport, it is possible because the base and basic map of the league is sorted with the audience perspective of seeing a specific play.

Roshan Jha, sports correspondent at Navbharat Times talked about different ways of extending a specific news and how it bears on the masses. Challenges faced by sports reporter and correspondent were the primary theme of his speech where he was rectifying the challenges with the resolutions based on management and out of the box thinking.
Prerna Dangi a mountaineer and graduate from St. Stephan’s college talked about her career as a sportsperson, and being a female, how it is difficult for her to get exposure despite tremendous achievements in her sport.
Kieren D’souza an Ultra Marathon runner from Nagpur has shared problems he is facing due to lack of exposure from the media. As per his point of view, brands supports the sports which have been well publicized in the media.
The whole conversation concluded the responsibilities of a newsman, writer, blogger and a player’s responsibility and awareness to use social media tools for the management of their own trade name.
The conference was organized by SportsKreeda Newspaper which is a bilingual newspaper covering all sports, sports-related issues, sports business in both Hindi and English since the year 2013.

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