Powerlifter, Bodybuilder,Mr.India – Interview with Mr.Mukesh Singh

  From the ocean of sports; powerlifting, bodybuilding and weightlifting are those sports which are still embraced by number of people from small villages to the people who want to carry forward this legacy and pass it as a lifestyle to the future generations. The scope of these sports seems narrow in the era of […]

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Interview with Surender Kumar – National Level Coach and Trainer at Special Olympics Bharat

  In our country a huge number of children are facing some kind of discrepancy into their development. As the environment is changing, it is heavily affecting the number of special children in the world. As these numbers are changing, the need for the cure and providing these children a better growth environment and conditions […]

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Sports require Modi’s waves to change

Modi’s visit to foreign countries is for the economic improvement and better investments in the Indian industries and businesses, if it affects the stats of up growing ecosystem of industries into the positive direction of the economy then a huge leap of success must be faced by Indian businesses. Now, the whole thing is, Modi has a […]