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All about the Explorers Grand Slam to summit seven highest peaks of seven continents #adventuresports

  We have heard about Grand Slams in sports like Tennis, Equestrian and Golf several times. Albeit, these well-known feats seem inferior when it comes to the Grand Slam of exploration and adventure. It takes years and years of training and practice to be able to scale a mountain that is the tallest in its […]

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Carrying Tiranga on top of Vinson Massif – Fundraising #ExplorerGrandSlam

About Lt.Col. Ranveer Singh Jamwal Ranveer Jamwal is a saviour of lives as he is a search and rescue expert and India’s ace mountaineer. He is just few steps away from making India proud. He is on the verge of making a record – labouring to complete 7 summits. A Mountaineering feat of climbing the highest mountain in each of the […]