Sumit Nagal’s Thanks to Bhupathi for the Wimbledon

Junior Wimbledon Lawn tennis doubles winner Sumit Nagal has recently honored by Delhi-based Little Angel’s school for his unique contribution towards the Sports at a very young age.

Where he spoke about his journey so far and how his father arranges money all his tournament expenditures because Government doesn’t consider Wimbledon as a part of a sport.


He mentioned when the things were not in place Mahesh Bhupathi, Indian Professional tennis player and founder of International Premiere Tennis League raised his living and training expenses and motivated him throughout the game. Sumit said without his help I wouldn’t be here where I am today.

Sumit Nagal is an 18 years old tennis player born in Jhajjar. He won the 2015 Wimbledon Boy’s doubles and became the sixth Indian player to win a junior Gran Slam Title.


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