Self realized lessons from 2018 #thoselittleThings

This section is not just related to sports its all about what I find interesting in my day to day life. This section is about things which inspire me, things which are thoughtful and things which make me think about people and everything around me. We live around a bunch of people and experience good and bad things each and everyday. Some days life feels easy and sometimes its a bit difficult to have a good sleep. This section is all about those little things which affect us and how we can affect people around us through “those little things”


Here I am with my first piece of writing for this section. I am so happy to start this one because it is as important for me as other sections of this website. Have you ever thought of someone so unhappy living a great life ?? I don’t think it can happen in real life unless they are already on the peak of everything. Okay so coming straight to the point, as 2018 is finally going to end here I want to share few self realized lessons from the year 2018….

Take stand – because if you can’t even say what you feel  right is, then what is the use of this education and growth you have achieved throughout these years. Yes!! after receiving a backlash on my social media account two years ago… !! it shattered me, I stopped using social media for a while, felt embarrassment for no reason and decided to not get into any matter unless it is going to effect me. For a while I convinced myself to become a selfish person for my piece of mind. Believe me this is an easiest thing to do, to take a backseat and ignore everything. I don’t want to start any movement and I am nobody’s advocate (atleast right now) but if I can’t even say things which are affecting people, things which are true and if I can’t call out people if they are extremely wrong then what is the value of my education, development and all these years of my life. When you are saying things which are right, people know that you are right but it is only sometimes when they will accept it. Have your voice and stand for what you feel is the right thing.

Be Assertive – It was in the year 2014 when I received this advice from one of my seniors “Be assertive” but this year I actually realized the importance of being assertive. Stick with your answer, stick with what you think and try to convince, may be people are also waiting for you to convince them to accept your answer. See, your seniors can give you advice but its up to you if you want to implement that advice and accept what they are saying. There is no solid proof that whatever your seniors/elders are saying is always right. A senior once said she cannot do this, I didn’t care much and replied I can because I have done this kind of work earlier into my life. I replied because it was not a question on my abilities but accepting the fact that I cannot do this and let the work go out of my hands.I accepted that work and finished it properly. Be assertive when you feel you are right. Believe me, in long term you’ll realize this is the best thing you can do for yourself.

Accept your weakness – It happened to me so many times when people were just surprised and said oh at first I thought you are not easy to gel up with people. This year was difficult especially when I had to go through multiple internships and deal with people from various background, again it made me anxious about my introvert side. But I tried to work upon it just by saying a Hello with a smile. You know what; it works, everybody feels the same way when we unintentionally give them a cold shoulder but a smile can change things a lot. I realized everybody is dealing with something in their lives so accept the fact that this is your weakness and work on it.

Be a people’s person – Okay so this is something amazing and somehow connected with the above point. I have been an introvert girl throughout my life but extra curricular activities during my school and college times never let myself hide behind the crowd. For some people I was a cool person, for some I had too much of attitude and exclusivity obsessed girl. But let me clear this here, I never wanted to have this exclusivity nor I thrive for it. I have a habit to stick with one classmate and living my whole college journey around them because it was not easy for me to speak with everyone. After saying just Hi if people wait for me to initiate conversation I usually disappointed them and I am not proud of it. So, while working on my weakness, I realized how amazing it is when I can say Hi to people and some of them were just surprised by the fact that I asked them how they are doing. Believe me this changed my whole outlook towards my college life. BY doing this, you are helping the whole circle of happiness when you make a way for people to connect with you. Earlier, I was social in a limited way during business events when I had to speak about my work and I never realized this much about my socially awkward behavior because It never harmed me in any way. I feel good when my friends think I can be the ear to hear their problems and they can call me during difficult times and now I have expanded the horizon for everybody.

Be Kind Be Human – The most amazing thing I have learnt is just to be kind with people, understand the importance of gratitude and express what you feel truly. This is the most valuable and least expensive gift you can share with people. We all are full of love so do not lock it or store it in the corner of your trunk full of daily chores. Try to spread this love to people around you. Believe me this is what happiness feels like to see happiness in other people’s eyes through your actions…

Don’t be harsh on yourself – Do not try to put perfection in everything just give your 100 percent. I don’t think perfection is always beautiful. I have stopped thinking about getting that ideal body, delaying deadlines to make work perfect and putting that extra pressure on myself to make things perfect and also to look good. No, just enhance what you have, keep yourself healthy, cheat on your meals sometimes and stop following definition of beauty which is just a faux. I have realized that how these phone cameras made me look beautiful but then I forgot one thing all these days people might forget that I am a brown woman and I take pride in who I am. I have stopped using those apps which made my skin color look much brighter than what it actually looks. Why? because I can’t be dishonest with my skin color when in reality I love myself. Throughout my life I have embraced myself and whatever came into my way. Just be yourself and love yourself. See I can perfect my long eyeslashes, wear good clothes and can still manage to look ugly through my words and acts. Believe me people are going to hate you for lifetime for the hurtful things you have said to them and nobody cares for how beautiful you look if you have no respect for them. You don’t need to be perfect, just hang in there and be consistent in putting efforts.

This was my experience from 2018 and I would love to listen to your experience as well… write to me if you have time because its all about self empowerment through improvement.

Just be honest with yourself this is the highest level of empowerment you can give to yourself 🙂 

Happy New Year to all the readers !!  🙂

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