Report of Supreme Court Committee Reforms in Cricket

Cricket is a national sport that connects the people of India in a unique way. The Board of Control for Cricket in India (‘BCCI’) which administers the game in the nation, however, continues to be mired in one controversy after another. These include serious inaction regarding betting and match-fixing, frequent amendments to the rules to enable persons in power to perpetuate their control and promote their financial interests, permitting or enabling its office bearers, employees and players to do acts which clearly give rise to conflicts of interest which have no resolution mechanism, lack of transparency and accountability, failure to provide effective grievance redressal mechanisms and a general apathy towards wrongdoing. In addition, although the BCCI discharges public functions, its working is perceived as a closed door and back-room affair, not accountable to those who are affected by its decisions nor to those who matter most – the cricket fans.

At stake therefore are the faith, love and passion for the game of hundreds of millions of people.

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