WADA released a List of 114 world-wide disqualified Athlete Support Personnel

On 14th Sept’15 WADA has been published a list of 114 Athlete Support Personnel who have breached anti-doping rules. The list contains the names, nationality and end date of the disqualifying status of these 144 Athlete support personnel excluding those cases that are under appeal and consideration.

The list has been created by the Prohibited Association based on decisions and information provided by Anti-Doping Organisations to the WADA, which states “All athletes are prohibited from associating with any such Athlete Support Personnel pursuant to Article 2.10

WADA has advised in its document to inquire and verify with ADO to ensure about the Athlete Support Personnel and any other athlete they associate with in professional or sport-related capacity.

“WADA is increasingly of the belief that athletes do not dope alone and that often there is a member of their outrage encouraging them to cheat”, said WADA President Sir Craig Reedie.

This list also includes Lance Armstrong’s former trainer Michele Ferrari who is tainted with the charges of helping Lance Armstrong in doping during his career, He confessed his doping faults during Opera Winfrey’s show in 2013 and lost all his seven Tour De France titles and received lifetime ban.


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