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Oscar Pistorius: Whether the Blade Runner can make a comeback PART-2

Litigation Costs

The 7-month criminal trial of Oscar Pistorius for murder is thought to have cost well over £700,000 and forced Oscar Pistorius to sell his homes.
Before Oscar Pistorius shot dead his Girlfriend Reeva Steenkamp on 14 February 2013, the 28-year-old ‘disgraced’ South Africa’s Gold Medalist Paralympian informed the court, he was earning 5.6 million rands [£313,000] per year.
But the legal fees ‘charged’ to Oscar Pistorius, and the ‘cancellation’ of all Oscar Pistorius lucrative promotional contracts: [2] advertising contracts and [3] endorsements contracts – with shoe & apparel manufacturer NIKE, Fashion Designer Thierry Mugler, telecommunications services provider British Telecom [BT], and maker of sunglasses Oakley, have eaten into his net worth of 5 million USD.
The murder trial, initially ‘scheduled’ for only 39 days, dragged on for over 6 months, at the cost of 100,000 RAND [£5,600] per day.
That Oscar Pistorius’lawyer, Barry Roux, was paid £2,000 per day, plus £200 per hour for additional work.
That Kenny Oldwage, the junior defence lawyer, would earn around £1,350 per day and Brian Webber, Oscar Pistorius’ solicitor, charged £1,100 per day.
That Oscar Pistorius had to sell his homes to fund the spiraling legal fees, due to the delay in finalizing the trial date, which initially the state had called for 3 weeks to be set down in the court calendar.That with the prosecution ‘leading’ evidence beyond the 3 weeks to set down in the court calendar, the legal process lasted significantly longer than originally indicated by the state to 7 months.
That in July 2014 the [a] 4-bedroom house in Silver Woods where the tragedy of 14 February 2013 occurred was sold by Oscar Pistorius for £250,000 – £30,000 less than its value – to the mining consultant, who said that he planned to rent out the property.
That Oscar Pistorius also [b] SOLD 2 townhouses in Pretoria and [c] SOLD the piece of land which he owned in Langebaan, near Cape Town, South Africa. That Oscar Pistorius’ property portfolio, he later testified, was worth £460,000.

Family Background

That Oscar Pistorius family is in fact exceptionally wealthy. That Oscar Pistorius, ‘estranged’ from his father, has been living with his uncle, 62-year-old businessman Arnold Pistorius, in his 3-storey mansion in the smart Waterkloof area of Pretoria, which is home to the city’s elite, and the no. of embassies and diplomatic residences.
Oscar Pistorius’ uncle, 62-year-old businessman Arnold Pistorius, along with his brothers Henke Pistorius – Oscar Pistorius’s father – Theo Pistorius and Leo Pistorius, are thought to have been involved in 107 different companies over the years, in [a] mining, [b] tourism and [c] property.

The family portfolio includes the private game reserve with breeding programmes for sable antelope and buffalo; the ski-lodge in the Austrian resort of Hochkrimml; the mine in Limpopo, and residential & leisure property developments in Mozambique and South Africa.
That at the head of the family of entrepreneurs is grandfather Hendrik Pistorius, who ‘founded’ the agricultural limestone supply company, ‘H Pistorius En Kie’, in 1944.
That on its web-site, the agricultural limestone supply company, ‘H Pistorius En Kie’ boasts that it is the oldest supplier of agricultural lime in Africa, and one of the largest in South Africa. That grandfather Hendrik Pistorius, 95, remains the ‘chair-person’ of the agricultural limestone supply company, ‘H Pistorius En Kie’.
Oscar Pistorius father, the mine owner, was not as successful as his brothers and was ‘declared’ bankrupt when Oscar Pistorius was a child. But Oscar Pistorius father still managed to send his children to top private schools.


That although Sports Sponsorship Consultants say that major brands are ‘linked’ to athletes for their ‘halo effect’ and therefore major brands: shoe & apparel manufacturer Nike, fashion designer Thierry Mugler, telecommunications services provider British Telecom [bt], and maker of sunglasses Oakley have ‘de-linked’ or terminated their [2] advertising contracts and [3] endorsements contracts with Oscar Pistorius’ whose ‘halo effect’ has been ‘irreparably tarnished’ for ‘killing’ his girlfriend, Reeva Steenkamp on valentine’s day 2013, and being convicted u/the lesser charge of culpable homicide not amounting to murder, the equivalent of manslaughter, the comeback by Oscar Pistorius may well include the core values which major brands liked – that he ‘overcame’ adversity and had ‘tenacity’, to compete as the successful Paralympian, into that of the new avatar, of the successful businessman, or politician despite adverse public opinion who may never allow this event to be forgotten.

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