What next after retirement from Sports?

Sportspeople have a fascinating and interesting career which make other people jealous. But along with the perks of being a sportsperson, they have a smaller career span as compared to other professionals.

The career of a sportsperson normally gets over by the age of 35 years. But it’s too early for a person to relax and sit back at home especially those who are passionate about certain things especially their jobs.

Once athletes realize that they have reached a certain age which could hinder their performance, they decide to take retirement from playing the sport. Sometimes, the reason for retirement are different; it could be injuries, less time for family or any other issues.

Even after retirement, no sportsperson likes to keep themselves away from sports. Their love for sports keeps them engaged with the game in some or the other way. There are various other career options which sportsperson pursue to keep themselves connected with the sports:

1. The role of a Coach – The retired players who once mastered their sports during their era have a lot to offer to the younger players. The inexperienced players require the guidance and experience of a senior player for moulding their career into a better shape. One recent example is the legendary Indian cricketer Rahul Dravid who guided the Indian cricket team to the finals of U-19 Indian cricket team.

2. Opens an academy – The coaches of a national or junior team are limited in number but if a sportsperson wishes to groom the talent of their country, they prefer to open a sports academy for the grassroots development in the country. Managing the whole academy along with providing coaching to the children gives an internal satisfaction to the sportsperson.

3. Sports presenter/commentator – It’s a difficult job which requires immense knowledge about the sports and no one could perform the job better than the sportsperson himself. The sportspeople who just retired from playing a sport have the personality and knowledge which adds more value to the job. They always have an old sports story to share from their experience which brings more charm to their job.

4. Sports administrator – There are multiple sports bodies/organisations in a country to successful conduct various tournaments or leagues. The multiple administrative positions in such sports bodies are filled by the retired sports professionals who use their experience, contacts and discipline to ensure the smooth functioning of these organisations.

5. Business – Some players have the smartness to start a new business even before taking retirement from the sport. The players invest their money in opening a restaurant or a sports company or any other business right from the time they are famous and have enough money. So after taking retirement, they get themselves engaged in their business or in their company which already becomes a brand by the time they retire from playing the sport.

6. Spending time with family There is nothing better than spending time with family. During the playing career, a majority of sportsperson’s time goes in travelling and staying away from their family. So after retirement, some of the players prefer to spend their retired time with family and doing charity work to make them feel good.

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