Michael Clarke – Captain who led his team effectively in every situation

In 2011, when Australia failed to win their 4th consecutive World Cup, Ricky Ponting stood down from the captaincy of Australian team and Michael Clarke took over. Clarke was a polished cricketer by that time after playing with the legends of Australian team and being a part of the team in its golden era.

He became the skipper when he had the task to save the greatness of the team when their legendary players were retiring and new inexperienced players were joining the squad. The dominated and ruthless Australian team struggled in between at some point of time in his career but never completely lost their dominance. The Australian team which was once hated by every other cricketer because of their harsh play gained back their respect with the goodness and sportsmanship behavior of Clarke. No one believed that Australian team would win back the World Cup trophy again in 2015 with their average squad, but they did that in the captaincy of Michael Clarke.

He has seen everything, from leading a struggling in experienced Australian team to the World Cup winning team. He has seen the team winning the Ashes 2014 with a 5-0 whitewash and also seen them losing the Ashes, which led to his decision of retiring from test cricket. He was given the responsibility of supporting the team and handling the media after the sudden demise of Phil Hughes whom he considered as his little brother. It was a tough period for Clarke which he dealt with great maturity.

He has been an extraordinary cricketer and one of the great captains who have been honest with his game. He knew that he was no more performing and was turning to be a burden for the team. Every Australian kept their team before themselves, it was Ricky Ponting before and now it is Michael Clarke. The future of Australian cricket is now in the hands of Steve Smith who has proved himself well in his batting. But now he has to prove himself as the new skipper of Australian team. After the end of the 5th match, people will remember Clarke as a genuine, fair skipper and a great batsman.

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