All about LEH-LEH Sports – Interview with Vikas Jawa and Kunal Gusain

In the Business of sports and sports startups recreational sports are somehow a huge money spinner in the industry which target all segment of population from youngsters to working professionals. LEH LEH Sports which stands on the notion of sportier emotional connect through sports is one of the most successful startup with this type of business model, considering scaling and funding at the appropriate time ratio this startup has changed the vision of sports enthusiasts in the startup scene.

Sidharth Pandey and Vikas Jawa, this SRCC graduate duo had left their high paying jobs to dedicate themselves into the sports startup industry. After an year of consumer survey and field research Sidharth Pandey started LEH LEH sports in 2012 which was joined by Vikas Jawa later who has co-founded internet media startup in the past.

Here we are presenting excerpts of conversation with Vikas Jawa and Kunal Gusain who is a young team member handling Head Corporate division in LEH LEH Sports…

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