Interview with Surender Kumar – National Level Coach and Trainer at Special Olympics Bharat


In our country a huge number of children are facing some kind of discrepancy into their development. As the environment is changing, it is heavily affecting the number of special children in the world. As these numbers are changing, the need for the cure and providing these children a better growth environment and conditions is increasing with time.  Perhaps, with proper care and physical activities, with time, these children start to improve in many manners until they reach into teenage or youth.

Sports, sports are a magical medium to change one’s way of thinking and to rejuvenate brain cells. When their parents put these children into activities such as sports it definitely changes their lifestyle and help to cure from the isolation they acquire because of their special needs. When we speak about special sports for special children, it also creates a need for trainers those who are patient enough to train these children with different techniques to learn better and without having any injury.

Achievers’s sports academy is one of those academies which help special children to learn to live healthy and normal lifestyle by way of adopting sports into their lives. They have various branches in different areas of Delhi including Ashok Vihar and RK Puram. They will charge you a small amount for as a fee for the maintenance of the venue on which they give training to these children.

Here is the Interview of Mr.Surender Kumar, He is a national level coach for children with special needs and special olympics bharat. He has trained many athletes with special needs at the state and national level and also helped them to go through international level competitions in the Special Olympics World Games and Asia Pacific Games.



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