Facebook Sports Stadium – Real time sports gathering

On Wednesday, 20th January, Social Giant facebook has launched a Platform for live sports events “Facebook Sports Stadium”, a place for fans to experience real-time virtual sports gathering with friends.

Facebook’s strong fan base of 650 million people is a lucrative asset to experiment with a new market. Sport is a global festival, consumed globally by everyone through different mediums for different reasons; And so the Facebook has a strong fan base, people use facebook to celebrate their happiness, hobbies and discussions on almost everything. Hence, an amalgam of both will create new opportunities and user experience will increase in the sports-oriented market.

Through Facebook Sports Stadium, one can follow all content on Facebook related to the game in chronological order within real time.

The user can see posts from friends and their comments on the live game and commentary from experts, like leagues, teams, verified journalist and sports pages. The user can track live scores, statistics and information related to the game.

The feature is consists of three tab options,

1) Live streaming of event, scores and video content

2) Post, comments and interactions from friends

3) Live commentary, expert review through athletes, team accounts and journalists

This can be a competition to the Twitter’s “Moments” option to feed ongoing news and happening through specialised tweets, in which if the user is not following specific accounts he will still see important tweets related to the news he has been following.

Right now Facebook Sports Stadium is available to U.S. iPhone users for American football games which will be expanded around the world for other sports like soccer, basketball and more soon.

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