Especially abled runner Guddu Panwar who defies every disablity

Hats Off to your way towards life. We still remember meeting Guddu Panwar in Delhi. It was few years back when I haven’t started SportsGranny and took my time off to meet these guys with my friend Rani Sadasivappa, one of the best rugby players. We met him during wheelchair basketball practice nearby Kailash Colony. He was one of the persons who was taking care of everyone by holding water bottles, refreshments and water sprays (to be sprayed on the faces of these players whenever their body starts heating – Because most of them were injured by back issues which makes their body unable to produce enough sweat which makes their body heated and to stabilize it they spray water).

He was so active and running here and there with his skateboard, yes he uses skateboard to move and carries everything in skateboard. Believe me watching him was just an epiphany towards my life, It was the day before a week I left my job to do something good which keeps me happy. I remember feeling so depress despite the fact that I was earning good amount of money But I was not happy.

After the practice, this whole group of wheelchair sports persons including both males and females headed by Mr.Nikhil went towards their nearby place of rest. It was a small apartment come office of these people where they all meet and discuss about their upcoming tournaments. And, this one of the most energetic guy went towards the kitchen, took a jump on the kitchen shelf and prepared tea for everyone. I was so shocked to see him doing everything with such a pace and energy. He poured it in cups and served everyone. I told him this is one of the most shocked tea I am having today. He just laughed and told me about other dishes he can cook.

He is always happy, positive, energetic and pure soul filled with hopes. He is always smiling and it confused me at that time, why he is so happy, what is the reason behind his happiness and what keeps him going… I was so confused and little irritated and I was continously talking to myself about whatever I have seen throughout the day.
I believe we meet everybody for a reason. Every person teaches you something.#parasport

Guddu Panwar now manages a small business of camping in Uttrakhand with the name of Kolti Camp.

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