Cycling is a new Golf, says GFR Founder Gagandeep Singh Bhalla

With the rising awareness in fitness, people are moving towards different sports and recreational activities to stay fit and take some time out with friends and distress from the hectic work schedule.

Cycling as we already told you is a new craze among all age groups as it helps you to lose calories and you don’t get bored of it. Gurgaon Based Cycling group Gurgaon Fun Riders says there are many health benefits of cycling, our riders who were suffering from BP and Diabetes before cycling have now got things under control.

GRF is a most active and celebrated cycling group in Gurgaon founded by Mr.Gagandeep Singh Bhalla, a graduate in Industrial Relation and Personal Management from Delhi University, and the Director of Trans Wings Sea-Air Service Pvt Ltd a leading International Freight Logistics Company.


Mr.Bhalla and his friends have ditched gyms as they think working out in a gym is restricted within four concrete walls. It disassociates people from nature. On the other hand, cycling helps one explore new places and make new friends whilst working on fitness.

So, here are some frequent Chit-Chat with Mr. Bhalla while Cycle ride we had:

What made you start this group?

Cycling started as a fun Sunday morning activity with a few friends from the gym and it soon became a routine activity with a full-fledged group of the cycling enthusiasts. We decided to call this group Gurgaon Fun Riders (GFR)

The idea behind forming this group is to flourish a healthy, non-monetary and friendly culture of like minded individuals. Like our motto – Support, encourage and Ride ON – suggests, we help new riders hit the road, teach them the correct riding postures, advise the use of proper gears, safety measures and help them enjoy cycling. Riders from the age group of 12years for 65 years love riding together in the group no matter if it’s male or female rider, here everyone  is there to help each other.

Have you ever participated in any professional cycling tournament?

Yes, I have completed my Super Randonneur i.e. cycling 200kms / 300 km’s / 400kms / 600kms in a Calendar year in stipulated given time. I successfully cycled from Manali to Leh, Mumbai to Goa, Delhi to Jaipur to Delhi and India gate to Wagah Border.

How many people are there in your cycling club and which background do they come from?

There are around 2600 group members from the age group of 12years for 62 years, riders belong to different backgrounds, and some are Ex/Working Defense, Police officers. Some are expats working in MNC in NCR. We also have CEOs, Presidents, VPs, Managers of different MNCs and Banks. Also, our group consists of professionals like lawyers, doctors and C.As. Housewives and self-employed individuals are also a part of our club.

What kind of lifestyle changes have you noticed after becoming a regular cyclist?

After cycling, the lifestyle simply changes. The eating, drinking habits  changes as one has to keep in mind that he/she has to go for a ride in the morning, so one keeps control on the drinks. A Person tends to become a bit more disciplined.

What challenges a cyclist face if he starts using bicycles in daily life? For instance, kids nowadays are more inclined towards motorbikes and they usually avoid cycles citing lack of proper infrastructure.

Cycling is new Golf, the sport is fast catching up, but the cyclists have to face lots of challenges in order to ride on Indian roads. The government is doing their bit by investing in cycling tracks, but they should also implement strict rules to punish people who encroach cycling tracks. Another factor for children avoiding cycling can be the lack of space and paranoid parents who won’t let their children go alone on a joy ride.

In the Netherlands, they have widespread bicycle paths. Do you think we should also focus on that area to increase usage of bicycles in daily life?

Definitely, if you see Delhi roads you will find many daily factory workers using cycle as a mode of Transport, if we have a dedicated cycling track in India then many of our CEOs and Manager will adopt cycling as a mode of transport to work.

What do you think is the reason that drives people to join GFR?

Friendly, supportive, encouraging mindset of people in our group might be one factor apart from the fact that people can ride together without any monetary gains. The group enjoys the fun rides without any restrictions.

No criteria except one must have a cycle and a helmet. They don’t have any registration charges and anyone can join this group. All the rides are free.


The routes they usually use are:

Gurgaon – Faridabad

Gurgaon – India Gate

Gurgaon – Sultanpur Lake

Gurgaon – Noida (Pari Chowk)

Gurgaon – Murthal

Gurgaon – Sohna

Trail to Bhondsi Parameters

Trail to Lake Sirohi

Trail to Lost Lake

Trail from Mangar to Damdama Lake







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