Cycling (Fun + Fit) = Healthy life=Cool Sport

In today’s world of heavy pollution, messy roads, busy schedule, it’s not easy to grab your bicycle and if sometimes you want to go for cycling you need a company to chill with.

It’s really necessary to take time away from a busy schedule to spend with friends or give it in fitness, but you put up both things together. You can connect any of the cycling club or group nearby your place or you guys can drive together for long beautiful routes with refreshment breaks in the middle, what else you need when you have same minded people to chill with after your hectic workweek.
Thus, here are the reason why you should indulge your free time in cycling:

  • Cycling keeps you fit, active and protects from diseases such as obesity, mental sickness, diabetes, nerve disease, arthritis and cancer.
  • Cycling is a low impact exercise for the masses of all age groups and if your child is very much interested in cycling, Cheers!! Cycling is an Olympic event s/he can learn this sport professionally as well.
  • It takes approximate 1 month to accomplish improvement in health through cycling.
  • Cycling uses all your muscle groups when you cycle and increases stamina, aerobic fitness and intensity level.
  • Cycling is a most lucrative method to cut adipose tissue and control obesity. It increases your metabolic rate and improves your digestion.
  • As per the researchers, you can cut around 300 calories per hour through exercise.
  • A fun way to get fit.


So, if sometimes you want to go for cycling and want a company you can join any of the group around Delhi NCR.

Gurgaon Fun Riders


Noida Cycling Club



Delhi Cyclists



Delhi Randonneurs



South West Riders



North Delhi Cyclists


 JOin them in your next weekend and Thanks us later :p 

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