Reboot of SportsGranny and conversation with NeuroSports Founder Ajinkya Sawant – PodCast #sportstartup #sportspsychology


You don’t need to be perfect, prepare yourself and just hang in there !! – Ajinkya Sawant – Founder NeuroSports

This is my first interview podcast after approximately 6 months of break. Meanwhile I was thinking of putting SportsGranny into cold store or if possible in good terms to sell it to someone with the same passion to run it. Nothing worked out and post examination vacations made me anxious about everything around me. Then I realized SportsGranny doesn’t need me, I need SportsGranny to keep myself on balance, to channelize my energies and to maintain peace within myself. I was writing down all those memories where I was feeling like a star to run a blog which helped me out to deal with too many situations in my life. If you don’t get misguided with my social media image, in actual I do not talk a lot and elevator speech is not my thing right from the school time. In such situations, Its difficult to convey what you want and what you have to offer to the people you are meeting in your professional life. If its about work I can speak for hours but random talks make me cold and silent.

At first I thought I need some counselling but later then I realized this is a part of my personality and I have to embrace it in a way which doesn’t harm my life in a professional and personal way. And then I realized one needs a strong psychological and inner strength to lift up from the spiral of negativity and I again started SportsGranny with a new approach and with the subject of my new curious research on “How 21 year old hockey champion Krishan Pathak managed with all the mental turmoil and managed to play in junior hockey world cup in 2016, How Virat Kohli dealt with the trauma of his father’s death and played so well?”.

As I was celebrating my holidays in between the legal internships I am doing and trying to socialise like a normal human being I got to know about the newly launched startup by my previous classmate Ajinkya Sawant. It was such a nice feeling when you see people around you doing innovative ventures. NeuroSports is a startup which is all about sports psychology solutions for the sports persons to the coaches. Their main emphasis is towards the overall development of personality and preparation sports persons to deal with all situations and stress around their life and sport. The best part about NeuroSports is that they deal with sportspersons from every age groups and levels, you can put your child into one of their sessions even if he doesn’t want to pursue their career into sports but as we all know sports is a best activity for personality development within children.

If I speak about Ajinkya Sawant , He is one the most active students of our batch of Sports Management in IISM (International Institute of Sports Management). After finishing Sports Management in the year 2014 he has done numerous internships to understand what suits him better. From SportsKeeda (Bangalore), Book my sport and various events of star sports, he has a vast experience through internships and jobs. This is during his work period in Pro Kabaddi when he got this urge to start something in Sports Psychology.

In this Podcast you can listen to answers of the below questions –

  • Career journey of Ajinkya after the completion of Sports Management
  • Formation story of NeuroSports
  • Structure of Services provided by NeuroSports
  • Sports psychology and recent examples of its necessity
  • Advice for people those who want to pursue Sports Management

If you want to read about my previous articles  and research on Sports Psychology which I wrote in the year 2015 and 2016, you can refer to these two links embedded in the end of this article.


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Strong Psychological Health Plays a Major Role in a Sportsperson’s Career


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