Are you thinking of Sports Management?

What is sports management?

Sports management is a structured study of all aspects of sports business, including sports marketing, sports event and facility management, sports branding, finance, sports team and league management, athlete management and covering all versions of sports and recreational activities.

In India, Sports management is a semi-native field and a prospering industry. Sports management is a very exciting word and life history to pursue all sports lovers as finally we can pursue sports as a vacation and enjoy our love for sports while working in this industry.

Why?? sports management?

In our country when we talk about sports 90% of the time it’s about cricket because cricket is not exclusively a sport, this sport is a religion for Indians and cricketers are God, but with the organic growth of rural areas and sudden inflation in the number of sportspersons government is conducting this field very seriously by providing attractive incentives to the sports champions and through different policies. Such changes have boosted motivation in other different sports and their governing bodies are participating confidently in growing their specific sport in the country.

The sports industry is a booming industry with the addition of professional leagues in each sport and from the management to broadcasting it requires different people with aggressive approach those who can see the ground level work procedure of the whole organization.

Now sports are not only about playing if you ever wanted to play professionally, but couldn’t make it so this field is for you where you can choose same passion in the professional management of that sport.

What is the scope of Sports Management?

In good order at present India has some institutes which mostly offers a postgraduate diploma in sports management from where you can carry forward your professional journey in the sports management industry. Sports management is a nascent field so there are people from the diverse backgrounds of academics so it is necessary to acquire basic knowledge and research before opting for the path.

You can research entirely new opportunities in sports by yourself and you can enjoy your spirit around your favourite sport by embracing it in management degree.

Average package after your diploma course ranges from 240, 000-300,000Rs. Per annum approx.

What?? after sports management?

After completion of the course, you can join any of the options from media broadcasting to media management, sports league management, sports merchandising and management. 

It’s a growing field so most of the companies will be startups so you can join them to get a ground-level understanding of the operations.

Learn as much as you can about sports, don’t forget to scan the sports segment of the newspaper every day. 

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