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A Glance at International Convention on Business of Sports: Turf 2015-16

On 22-23rd February 2016, International Convention of Business of Sports7th Global Sports Summit Turf 2015-16 was held at FICCI Federation House, Tansen Marg, New Delhi.

The conference was focused on the commercial, economic and holistic development of sports in India by recommendations and suggestions from eminent personalities of the sports industry and business. The conference was attended by the businessmen, sports entrepreneurs, education providers, service providers, government officials, sportspersons and students from all over the country to share their own experience and part of advice to sports people.


The first day of the FICCI TURF was filled with inauguration session with the Chief Guest, Mr.Kapil Dev, Former Captain, Indian Cricket Team, Special address by Shri. Rajiv Yadav, Secretary-Sports, Ministry of Youth Affairs & Sports, Govt. of India, Welcome address by Dr.Arbind Prasad (Director General, FICCI), Theme address by Mr.Nitin Kukreja (Chairman, FICCI Sports Committee & President & Head-Sports, Star India), four discussions sessions, 1 Interactive Session and India Sports Awards to celebrate the success and glory of sports in business and on the playing field while the second day was focussed on the development of women sports, para sports and winter sports in the country and how to leverage the advantages of sector skill council to develop the scenario of long-term development in sports.

Here are the excerpts from the discussion sessions held on the first day-

Panel Discussion I: – How can we get India to play?

The session was moderated by Ms. Suprita Das, Sr.Sports Correspondent, NDTV and Shri. Rajiv Yadav, Secretary, Ministry of Youth Affairs & Sports as the keynote speaker.


Mr.Rajpal Singh, Director & Head-Sports FICCI said we have a very good policy at the national level but we need a system to regulate it perfectly. Mr. Sandip Pradhan, Director General (Sports Authority of Gujarat) recommended the concept of cash incentive models, sports school model and helping universities to build sports infrastructure while putting emphasis on the coaching skills and academies. Mr. Hakimuddin S.Habibulla (Olympian, Founder Winning Matters Consulting Pvt. Ltd.), Mr.Terry Phelan (Head Coach, Kerala Blasters FC) has spoken about the ongoing process of internal management which leads to the changing face of talent scouting and making their debut to the playground.

Panel Discussion II: – The key to creating successful mass participation programs in India?


The session was moderated by Ms.Seema Jaswal (Presenter-Star Sports) was focussed on the mass participation in sports events and recommendations for the future.

Mr.Anil Singh (MD-Procam International) emphasised upon the right way of promotion and advertising to involve mass. “You have got to find a reason to connect people. Let it be their reason”, said Mr.Anil. “You have to find different meaning if commonality to find people connected”, quoted Mr.Anil Singh.

Dr.PC Kashyap (Former Executive Director-SAI) said Mass participation can be take off from the school level and a simple key is “Kheloge to khiloge” sports filled you with health and happiness.

 Prof.Hans Westerbeek (Dean, Victoria University, Australia) shared his thought of mass participation as it emerged from the family itself, when a mother is physically active, kid will become two times more active and when a father is physically active, kid will become three times more physically active and so if both the parents are physically active the kid automatically will become 5 times healthier and physically fit.

Hemant Dua (CEO, GMR Sports-Delhi Daredevils & Founder Inspiranti Sports) said what we are lacking is sports infrastructure where every corporate with estimated turnover should come up and get themselves involved to solve the problem.

 Mr.Nitin Kukreja (Chairman, FICCI Sports Committee & President, Star Sports) pointed about the whole web of hurdles faced by a person in the sports industry in the terms of infrastructure, venue permission, documentation and tax exemption. “People should not put hurdles after hurdles there should be one place of everything in sports “, quoted Mr.Nitin Kukreja.

Panel Discussion III:- Is infrastructure a Barrier?


The discussion was moderated by Mr. Abhishek Dubey (Channel Advisor, Prasar Bharti, DD Sports) and focussed on the current state of infrastructure in India and How can we develop infrastructure to cater to our vast population.

Mr.Kapil Mohan (Principal Secretary, Youth Empowerment & Sports Department, Govt. of Karnataka) said, creating and maintaining infrastructure are two critical things to take care and PPP model should be there to start with decent pace and moving on the brighter directions.

Mr.Udit Sheth, (MD & CEO of TransStadia) said, “Indians know what is best. Revenue and financial management are very important things to look at”.

Mr. Pradeep Singh, (Head-Corporate Sports, ONGC) emphasized upon the practical approach towards the infrastructure development and said Infrastructure means quality stadium that comes after a certain period in the career. We have to decentralise the concept of sports infrastructure in India. Only thing is that we need an unstoppable will. we have to go through the sports model and infrastructure in different levels.

Panel Discussion III: – How can funds be raised to help sports development in India?


The session was moderated by Mr. Amitroj Singh (Anchor- NDTV) and focused on the need to raise funds to drive sports in India, economic factors affecting the development of sports and impact of government funding. H.E. Dr Demetrios A. Theopphylactau (Cyprus High Commissioner to India) was the keynote speaker for the session and shared his thoughts on the concept “You have to look at the business through the engagement in sports. I very much believe in Public Private Partnership as one cannot function in Government only”, quoted H.E Dr. Demetrios.

Mr. Hemant Dua (CEO, GMR Sports-Delhi Daredevils & Founder Inspiranti Sports) suggested “Money is a driver which enhances motivation in sports. Apart from all you need to have a gestation period to make money and sports grow”.

Mr. Bhupesh Kumar (Co-Chairman FICCI Sports Committee & Senior Vice President, Aon Global) recommended, accountability is the key to the systematic development and uniform approach is necessary for the fruitful financial enhancement.

Mr. Jaideep Sangwan (Venture Capitalist), said somehow motivation is the biggest factor which helps kids and people in sports to help while growing up. “Government has a huge budget. We need to invest in coaches and infrastructure not only in sportspersons. But, not look at the government every time, look at the community & institution” quoted Mr.Sangwan.

Mr. Anil Singh (MD-Procam International) said “we need to think sports. We require little more organised sports promoters in the sports industry. In simple words, Get involved and mean well”.

Interactive Session with Sports Champions


After the discussion special interaction session with sports champions was organised where Mr.Shiva Keshavan (Olympian, Luge), Mr.Renedy Singh (Indian Footballer) and Ms.Aditi Chauhan (Indian Footballer) interacted with the audience and shared their challenges to achieve prominent success in their respective fields.

India Sports Awards 2015 Ceremony




Day II:-


The second day of the event was focused on the core conversations and discussions among speakers and audience on the topic of Creating level playing field in sports; Focussing women, para and winter sports and opportunities in sports skilling. Focusing Sector Skill Council in sports. The discussions were moderated and carried by Mr. Robertangelo Ciccone (Physical Rehabilitation Project Manager, International Committee of the Red Cross), Mr.Vipen Vig (Promoter-SportzCraft), Mr.Satish Aprajit (CEO-SPEFL-SC), Mr.Sumit Aggarwal (Principal Associate-Tanjun Associates) and Mr.Rajpal Singh (Director- Sports FICCI).

FICCI TURF is one of the unique conferences happen in India on the Business of sports with the notion to enhance sports industry from the area of education, coaching, development and to making it commercially viable while growing a healthy network of sports enthusiasts in our country. FICCI Sports is putting efforts to connect people from different boundaries to help each other and nurture the arena of sports in the country in upcoming years.


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Ekta Khangawal

Ekta Khangawal is an Advocate and alumna of Faculty of Law, University of Delhi. Currently, She is into Civil and Criminal Litigation in High court and District Courts of Delhi, National Company Law Tribunal, Debt Recovery Tribunal, National Green Tribunal, Rouse Avenue and Punjab & Haryana High Court.

By Ekta Khangawal

Ekta Khangawal is an Advocate and alumna of Faculty of Law, University of Delhi. Currently, She is into Civil and Criminal Litigation in High court and District Courts of Delhi, National Company Law Tribunal, Debt Recovery Tribunal, National Green Tribunal, Rouse Avenue and Punjab & Haryana High Court.

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