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Commercial public appearance and BCCI code of conduct – Hardik Pandya Incident #SportsLaw

  25 years old Hardik Pandya is an Indian International Cricketer (All Rounder) who plays for Baroda in domestic cricket and playing in Indian Premiere League since 2015. Recently he appeared in the Indian Talk show “Koffee with Karan” with KL Rahul who is a top – order batsman. Both the cricketers shared sexist comments, […]

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Poker in India #GamingLaws #GamingInIndia

Disclaimer – (This is an informative article for awareness and study purpose. Author doesn’t provide his/her views on the morality around online gaming and gambling through this article) As per the latest development in the field of sports online gaming, on December 28th 2018 Dr.Shashi Tharoor introduced Sports (Online Gaming & Prevention of Fraud), 2018 […]

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Artificial Intelligence and its impact on sports industry

Written by – Ayush Pandey  Artificial Intelligence (AI) refers to the computer science capability that allows technology to imitate intelligent human behavior such as speech recognition, translating languages, interacting with the physical world through visual analysis and decision making. Artificial Intelligence is defined as software that is capable of making its own conclusions on the […]

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Merger of NeuroSports and CoachKhoj – instantly Search Select and Connect to coaches in India

  Hello World !! So the news is NeuroSports and CoachKhoj has been merged to work together as a single identity under the banner of CoachKhoj (Search Select Connect). Earlier NeuroSports worked specifically into the development of psychological side in sports whether it was related to the necessity of sports psychologists to sportspersons or […]

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Genetic Mapping in Sports #sportslaw #sportscience

  Introduction Genetic mapping provides a powerful approach to identify genes and biological processes underlying any trait influenced by inheritance, including human diseases. Genetic mapping also called linkage mapping can offer firm evidence that a disease transmitted from parent to child is linked to one or more genes. Mapping also provides clues about which chromosome contains […]

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Video Interview of archery coach Kuldeep Kumar Vedwan #rawinterviews #asianparagames2018

  We have started to keep our interviews raw and insightful because we think that’s what interviews are meant for, simple, original and true depiction of a person. Here, we have this interview with Archery Coach Kuldeep Kumar Vedwan about his experience and life as a coach for Indian archers.   Write me on [email protected] […]

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All about the Explorers Grand Slam to summit seven highest peaks of seven continents #adventuresports

  We have heard about Grand Slams in sports like Tennis, Equestrian and Golf several times. Albeit, these well-known feats seem inferior when it comes to the Grand Slam of exploration and adventure. It takes years and years of training and practice to be able to scale a mountain that is the tallest in its […]

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Carrying Tiranga on top of Vinson Massif – Fundraising #ExplorerGrandSlam

About Lt.Col. Ranveer Singh Jamwal Ranveer Jamwal is a saviour of lives as he is a search and rescue expert and India’s ace mountaineer. He is just few steps away from making India proud. He is on the verge of making a record – labouring to complete 7 summits. A Mountaineering feat of climbing the highest mountain in each of the […]


ज्योति बालियान वॉलीबॉल में बनाना चाहती थीं करियर, पैर में कमी के कारण चुना तीरंदाज़ी

तीरंदाज़ी में रुचि न होने के बाद बावजूद ज्योति बालियान कई राष्ट्रीय और अंतरराष्ट्रीय प्रतियोगिताओं में भाग ले चुकी हैं। ज्योति अपने अबतक के तीरंदाज़ी करियर में कई मेडल जीत चुकी हैं जिनमें कई गोल्ड मेडल शामिल हैं। इन दिनों ज्योति इंडोनेशिया के जकार्ता में होने वाले पैरा एशियन खेलों की तैयारियों में जुटी हुई […]

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Asian Para Games 2018: तीरंदाज़ राकेश करेंगे देश को रिप्रेसेन्ट, एक सड़क हादसे के बाद 3 बार किया था खुदकुशी का प्रयास

जम्मू-कश्मीर के कटरा के रहने वाले राकेश कुमार अपनी जिंदगी में बहुत खुश थे लेकिन आठ साल पहले उनके साथ एक ऐसी घटना घटी जिसने उनकी जिंदगी ही बदल दी। एक सड़क हादसे में राकेश अपाहिज हो गए, जिसके कारण उन्होंने जीने की आस छोड़ दी थी। वहीं पिछले साल तीरंदाज़ी कोच कुलदीप कुमार वेदवान […]

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जब कुलदीप कुमार वेदवान ने तीरंदाज़ी के लिए छोड़ दी थी भारतीय सेना, जानें परिवार की क्या थी प्रतिक्रिया

कुलदीप कुमार वेदवान एक ऐसी शख्सियत है जिन्होंने अपने जीवन में कभी पीछे मुड़कर नहीं देखा है। कुलदीप को सेना में नौकरी करने का अवसर मिला और वे अपने परिवार से पहले व्यक्ति थे जो कि भारतीय सेना में भर्ती हुए था, लेकिन तीरंदाज़ी में रुचि होने के कारण कुलदीप ने सेना से रिटायरमेंट ले […]

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Grand Slam Rules and 3-code violation fine for Serena Williams #Sportslaw

Recently, American professional tennis player Serena Williams fined by Grand Slam Board with  $17,000 for 3-code violation during women US Open in New york. It all happened during her record tying 24th major title where she failed to Naomi Osaka following the game penalty after the 3-code violation of Grand Slam Rules in the second […]

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Nike’s Kaepernick campaign controversy – Whether it was a smart move to capitalize on political issues

  Racism is always been a hurdle for the basic structure and growth of any team, organization, state and country. If we speak about the widespread racism in United States since the colonial era, the face of it changed throughout the years. Also, time to time people protested against the legal and socially sanctioned privileges […]

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Reboot of SportsGranny and conversation with NeuroSports Founder Ajinkya Sawant – PodCast #sportstartup #sportspsychology

  You don’t need to be perfect, prepare yourself and just hang in there !! – Ajinkya Sawant – Founder NeuroSports This is my first interview podcast after approximately 6 months of break. Meanwhile I was thinking of putting SportsGranny into cold store or if possible in good terms to sell it to someone with […]