We look to invest in Sports Start-ups in the future: Vivek Patni

The young Director of Wonder Cement, Mr. Vivek Patni, has helped his company make its name as a sports-enabler by associating with Jaipur’s top most sports event like Jaipur Sports League. The ambitious director recently announced Saath7 a grand cricket league for Rajasthan’s budding cricketers. His involvement in multiple sporting events goes to show his enthusiasm for the world of sports.We had a chance to interact with him at the press meet of Saath7 and here is an excerpt of our conversation:

Do you play any sport as recreation?

Yes, I play polo, sometimes tennis too. I was a state level tennis player during my school times and have won several medals in tennis. But I am a cricket fanatic at heart and practice to sharpen my cricketing skills whenever possible.

With Saath7, what’s your vision? How do you see it affecting the budding cricketers in Rajasthan?

Wonder Cement has always believed in promoting sports and has always been closely associated with cricket whether it is Jaipur Sports League or Saath7, we are working towards developing and promoting sports in Rajasthan from the grassroots level while scouting for promising talent in the state, so they can perform well on national and international level in the future.

With the love and enthusiasm, you have in sports, do you see yourself investing in innovative sports startups?

Not right now, but definitely in near future we will look for such opportunities to invest in sports startups because a sport is something which everybody consumes and our aim is to provide a healthy overgrowing sports culture.

A director of a cement brand sponsoring a cricket tournament is very unheard of. What made you come up with such exciting tournament?

At Wonder Cement, sports always excite us, building a culture around sports is what we want to do in our state and creating awareness about sports is the main motive. Once we get it done here we will introduce such leagues in other states too. But right now we have started it from Rajasthan because this is our motherland, people here connect with our brand and situations are much more comfortable.

What is unique about Saath7? How is different from any other cricket league?

Saath7 is 7 a side cricket league, a cricket festival that takes place from 19th December to 10th of January in Rajasthan. Total of 39,840 teams are participating from 249 tehsils across the state of Rajasthan and total prize money of Rs.30Lacs has been allotted for various levels of winners. We have decided to provide one-year free training to three top performing teams at Wonder Cricket Academy in Udaipur.

What message do you want to convey to youngsters those who want to make it big in life and achieve success?

Have faith in your dreams, work hard and win the ground. Whenever possible we are happy to help our people.

                  Mr.Tarun Chauhan, Managing Advisor of wonder cement and Mr.Vivek Patni is all set to experiment with the up growing marketing strategies and their vision is expanding the territory of sports. SportsGranny wishes to watch a much bigger action from the duo in the near future.



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