Virat Kohli – The Next Biggest Thing in the Business of Sports

Indian test team captain Virat Kohli is in the best phase of his career. The average of more than 50 in One-day International and Twenty20 International and the average of more than 40 in test shows the brilliance of his class and technique in the game of cricket. He has the talent to convert an almost lost match into a win.

With age, Kohli has gained the experience in his cricketing career which in turn helping him to handle crucial situations during various cricket matches. The experience has also brought a controlled aggression in his personality which was uncontrollable in early days of his career. The Indian cricket team depends a lot on him and nowadays, it’s not just the Indian team but even the Indian market also depends on him.

The advertising industry looks for a face which could inspire the youth and attract the Indian crowd towards their brand. In Indian sporting world, MS Dhoni is currently the leading face of various brands in India. Along with him, Virat Kohli is slowly reaching to the same level which Dhoni has achieved in the advertising industry.

Kohli is the new sporting icon in India who is associated with around 13 brands. His popularity among the youth is huge which is why he has currently joined the 100 crore club. In 2014, Virat Kohli signed Rs 10 crore per annum deal with German sports goods giant Adidas. He also signed a Rs 6.5 crore-per-year deal with MRF and along with it, he also endorses Pepsi, Audi, Vicks, Boost, USL, TVS, Smaash, Nitesh Estates, Tissot, Herbalife and Colgate.

Not only this, he also co-owns Chisel Fitness (gym), Wrogn (clothing line), UAE Royals (Dubai tennis team of International Premier Tennis League), FC Goa (Goa franchise of Indian Super League), Bengaluru Yodhas (JSW owned Pro Wrestling League team), and London-based tech startup SportConvo.

It’s the confidence and overall personality of Virat Kohli which strikes a connection with the Indian youth easily. The rest of his charisma comes from his cricketing talent.

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