Using the Power of Mind on the field


The internet have seem to be flooded with various articles, journals, movies to help one access the mind to the fullest in order to live a successful and a joyous  life. There have been many spiritual gurus with various success mantras for students, businessmen right until the very hardworking homemakers. This article is an extraction of the various theories that have been studied developed and implemented over the years making a positive change in many people’s life and implementing the same on and off the field for a sportsperson.

This article mainly aims to achieve an end result that comprises of various outcomes such as:

  • A healthy body
  • Increased confidence
  • Better performance
  • Harmonious relations
  • More Optimism

In order to achieve the end result one must take a foot forward to Change in thinking that would result into Change in actions and would further lead to Change in circumstances in a sportspersons life.

The mental activity that takes place inside the brain of a sportsperson is far too competitive and aggressive compared to an average non-sports persons mind. Hence the effects could be extreme both positive and negative.

A sportsperson deals with a chunk of common thoughts of practising domination over others by the way of winning a game. Moreover the domination is also seen on oneself in order to be better than yesterday. A lot of things are kept at stake while a person decides to opt for sports as a career. Imagine the amount of pressure one would go through? And imagine the circumstances if the athlete fails to achieve the goal (one of the common reasons being an injury) Many athletes find it difficult to fit in the regular average life as they find it very slow paced or not so competitive.

Similarly, there are various reasons that contribute to high levels of stress in case of a game loss or under performance due to any reason.

What to do?

There are various techniques that could be implemented in order to beat the blues and bounce back into the game:

  • Positive Self Dialogues: Closely monitoring the conversation one has with itself is the best way to stay aware of the kind of atmosphere that dwells within. It is the same atmosphere that gives birth to emotions and energies one carries on and off the field. It becomes highly imperative to keep the conversation as positive as possible. In order to do that all one needs to do is change the frequency of thought irrespective of the situation.
  • Visualization: Every night going to bed or before any big game just close your eyes clear the mind of any clutter and visualize the end result. See yourself in sync with the kind of performance you need to display to win the game or see yourself hold that trophy. Once you master the art of visualization you feel more confident, the end result becomes more and more believable and also you become aware of the missing link and can act instantly.
  • Meditation: A simple activity of shutting the mind or rather giving rest to the brain by simply choosing not to think or staying still starting with 5 minutes can help one master any sort of unwanted reaction on the field. Many a times you see how the game is lost when the best player fails to keep control and gets a red card or goes for that big hit when sledged. The practice of meditation can help one remain unattached to the present circumstance irrespective of its degree of intensity.
  • Finding the suitable environment: It is very important to be in the right place with the right people at the right time in order to be in sync with the desired outcome. The mind at a sub conscious level gives signals through the body if we are at the wrong place with the wrong people and at the wrong time that restricts us from achieving our dreams.


Author – Udit Sharma – MBA Sports Management – Symbiosis School of Sports Science (Pune)

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