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What makes a product good? Why do we choose certain brands and names over the others? Is it because of the quality of the product, or the style of it, it can be a mix of a lot of factors. When all things work out we start trusting the brand. When it comes to clothing, people can get really picky. With the sports industry going where it is custom made apparel demand in on the rise. SquadLocker is all about that!!

This is what the vision and the mission of this company is; every day, thousands of people, from league directors, to coaches, parent volunteers and youth athletes trust SquadLocker to design, decorate and deliver their team gear and apparel, on time and to the highest quality standard. From the beginning they recognized that the key to success was directly related to level of the customer service their community members could expect to receive when interacting with the company at each stage of every relationship. By developing their store builder, users can now choose from the best gear and apparel brands on the market and customize an online store for their team to purchase their own branded gear in less than five minutes; no more checks to collect and no more gear to hand out.

Because together, they are not just putting names and numbers on a jersey, or a team’s logo on a duffle bag, they are working to inspire, motivate and educate the inner athlete in every player we interact with. That’s a big job, so to help; they are here to make things a little easier.

It’s a rather easy process on how to order from their website; With the SquadLocker Store Builder; you can choose from over 30,000 items manufactured by the industries most respected brands.

You can filter by colour, sport, brand, category, or size group in the ‘Start Here’ bar at the top.

When you’ve found what you want, just click ‘Add to Store’ and watch it appear.

When you’re done selecting products click the ‘Logo Your Gear’ button to upload your team’s logo. The Store Builder helps you create a one of a kind experience for your players and fans.

There it is, not only is it easy, you get whole lot of options. You can chose from brands like Under Armour, Adidas, Mizuno and many more. With such big brands, you know the product will be high quality. It’s not just a good product; it’s a good product at a reasonable price. I think that is why people are opting for this company. Literally anyone can get their team jerseys made here. You could be in school, college, corporate, community, everyone’s invited. There is a different feel when you have your entire team wearing the same jerseys, gives you a feel of playing in a league. So if you have a squad itching to get their apparels done, go to Squadlocker.

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Author – Varun Inamdar – MBA Sports Management – Symbiosis School of Sports Science (Pune)

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