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I think it is established that sports and technology go hand in hand. There are so many sports applications covering hundreds if not thousands of topics related to sports. Virtual Reality is one of them. This technology, although not just restricted to sporting activities is a big hit. The reason for its massive success is it gives a stadium like experience in the comfort of our home. Sports are not just about playing or watching, it’s about training, hard work, passion and intensity. The latter 3 don’t need technology, it varies from person to person; training however can be made simpler and smarter with the help of science. Radd3 is a sports app that helps you train right with the help of their app.

Radd3 is a San Francisco Bay Area-based Company that is creating the most effective football training applications in the world with the input from coaches and players about their needs. Their applications have been created by an experienced team of engineers as well as top NFL and NCAA coaches and players. Their applications are currently used by Pro Bowl Oakland Raider QB Derek Carr and also by former NFL QB David Carr.

This is what the company states about this app:

Want to imagine that you are Tom Brady of the New England Patriots or Matt Ryan of the Atlanta Falcons, and that you need to score a final touchdown in the waning seconds to win Super Bowl LI?

Want to experience what it will be like to be crowned World Champions and to have your fans roaring, fireworks going off, and confetti raining down on you?

Want to experience all of this in dazzling, high resolution 3D Virtual Reality standing up and moving around to take in the whole experience at NRG Stadium?

This is exactly the experience that Radd3, a San Francisco Bay Area company, just created for Fox Sports for use during its upcoming Super Bowl LI broadcast.

So there you have it, it’s an app that packs a lot of punches. Sports, is an attention seeking industry. You have to be on your toes at all times, especially playing a game like football. That is why it is important that you not only train hard, but you train smart. Since not all of us are experts, using Radd3 will give us the opportunity to learn from the experts.

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