Pro Table Tennis league is announced with 1 crore prize money

Pro TT league, a franchise based table tennis league has announced yesterday in Delhi with an ambition to get medals in 2024 Olympics and the holistic development of TT from the grassroots level in a collaboration of TTFI and  11even sports, a company formed for the promotion and Development of TT in India.


The League is structured with 8 franchise based teams including women and men from India and overseas.

TTFI has succeeded in persuading the  International Table Tennis Federation (ITTF) to allow a special window for the ‘Indian Table Tennis League’ in its inaugural year.

Asia Table Tennis Federation (ATTU) has also extended their support by offering their top players to participate in this league. 

The whole focus of this league is to uplift the level of the game and groom table tennis players for the international platforms. 


Just for GK:

Prabhat C. Chaturvedi, President -TTFI

Thomas Weikert, President, International Table Tennis

Table Tennis Federation of India (TTFI) is the official sports body of the table tennis in India.

India ranked 30th in world table tennis ranking.

Sharath Kamal has ranked 32 in the world ranking and He is the single Indian player holding a place in Top 50.




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