Pro Kabaddi: The Fan Engagement Notion


With the ongoing hype around Pro Kabaddi that has proven to catch eyeballs all around the nation hits to kick off with inclusion of four new teams i.e. Gujrat, Tamil Nadu, Uttar Pradesh and Haryana this year. With such a league coming into existence has not only promoted our Desi Sport but also shows a positive intent to develop India as a Multi sporting nation.

Yet the success or the life of any sport depends on the fans for the same. Pro Kabaddi League undoubtedly is the second most viewed league after IPL in India, however it still has to go to a milestone to create a hardcore fan base for the sport first and then the teams in PKL.

Based on a research this article elaborates few important aspects revolving around the sport in context to the viewers and the fans parallel to their age, sex, profession, personal preferences, social circle and purchasing power to an extent.

Observations and Viewpoints:

  • Below 18 years of age: Viewers that belong to the lower income groups and from the rural areas are the only followers. Middle Class and upper Middle class citizens residing in urban areas lacked awareness and interest since there is no exposure to the sport in schools or at their residence (peer groups).
  • 18-24years: Mainly College going students showed a reasonable amount of awareness towards pro-kabaddi. Major chunk of students that travel to foreign cities for education purpose and reside in hostel had very less amount of awareness and interest.
  • 24-37 years: Individuals from this age group showed maximum level of interest for kabaddi one of the major reason being that the same group of individuals have played kabaddi and were aware of the rules and regulations that being one of the major reasons to watch Pro kabaddi.
  • 45years and above: Respondents in this category showed very less interest in sports at large. Only the ones who had any association with kabaddi during their childhood showed some interest, mostly the orthodox individuals and motivated their children to play as well.

Majority of the people from various parts of the country compared numerous presentation characteristics between IPL and PKL. They did praise that PKL does have a very good presentation however they showed the need of including many other characteristics related to IPL such as:

  1. Cheer leaders
  2. More Celebrity engagement
  3. Pre and Post match ceremonies
  4. Updates on news channels and print media
  5. Charming Anchors

It won’t be wrong to say that Pro Kabaddi league has evolved from a sport to a highly professional and top notch league of the nation and with more and more investors coming into the picture along with a long list of sponsors, the sport of Kabaddi and the league reflects a promising future.

Author – Udit Sharma – MBA Sports Management – Symbiosis School of Sports Science (Pune)

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