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Winning does not happen overnight. A lot of things need to be in place, and quality habits need to be instilled, in order for a team or individual to find success. I think most of you would agree with this statement. We are not perfect. I believe there is no such thing as perfect, at least for a human being. We always have room for improvement, but for that we need to know what needs to be improved. Luckily in Sports these days, there are a lot of ways to help us get better. The Krossover app is one such tool that gives you a chance to rectify your mistakes using video analysis.

Krossover … enables coaches, athletes, fans, and the media from around the world to access game film and advanced statistics online, and on mobile devices. “Krossover is building solutions for smarter coaches and more efficient athletes that will give you the insight you need to get better. Win more games this season with full service game film analysis, comprehensive statistics, and streamlined sharing tools that will get you ready to get your game on. What Krossover does is provide a better game film for every team.

Most of you must be familiar with the term video analysis. It has become very common now days and comes in handy to everyone. This app has made the process even simpler. You may ask how can you make video analysis simpler, you can’t have anyone else watch the video for you, can you now? No, that’s not what I am talking about!! When you watch a game film, to see what went wrong, or what you did right, one still has to stop and check every 2 seconds to see what happened. Krossover has automated that process. You need not pause and play every time. The app brings out all the statistics of the game, tells you the do’s and don’ts, and you don’t even need the entire team to be present. You can simply tag your teammates and they stream it on their mobile phones.

These kinds of apps are mostly used by professional coaches and athletes. However, even an amateur or people who don’t play regularly can use this app to better their performances. It’s amazing what we can achieve with the help of technology these days. Such things really help raising the standard or Sports and individual performances. I said earlier I don’t believe in perfection, but with apps like these, you just don’t know!!

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Author – Varun Inamdar – MBA Sports Management – Symbiosis School of Sports Science (Pune)

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