An introduction to Sports Tourism

The two words which signify adventure, when combined together forms a most interesting subject to discuss and that is Sports Tourism. It means travelling from one place to another (new city, state or country) to watch or participate in the sports event.

Sports Tourism is gaining popularity and becoming a fast growing sector of the global travel industry. The sports fans are travelling to far places to attend or participate in their favorite sporting event. The increase of sports tournaments, other sporting activities in the world and increase in multimedia coverage of international sports tournaments have enhanced the popularity of Sports tourism.

The Sports Tourism industry includes planning a trip for the sports fans so that they could enjoy the experience of watching or playing their favorite sport along with exploring the new city, state or the country. The tourism main focus is to plan a trip for their customers in such a way that they could visit as many places as they could and explore the city. But the Sports tourism focuses on planning a trip for the sports fans so that they could have the best sporting experience either by playing sports like hiking, skiing etc. or watching Cricket World Cup, Football World Cup games.

There are two types of Sports tourism, Hard and Soft sports tourism. In Hard sports tourism, many people travel together to participate in a sporting event. Here the sports event is the key motivator for the people which attracts them to visit a particular city, state or country. The various sports event like Olympics, FIFA World Cup, ICC Cricket World Cup are few examples which come under the category of hard sports tourism. These tournaments attract a large crowd who comes together and visit the host nation to support their country in the matches.

The Soft sports tourism is when the adventurore freak people travel to a particular city to participate in recreational sports for fun and enjoyment. These people normally participate in adventure sports like Hiking, Skiing or Canoeing during their summer vacations.

The two sports events which attract the most tourists worldwide are Olympics and the FIFA World Cup. Along with it, all the major tournaments of various sports bring lots of tourism in the host nation and helps in increasing the revenue of the tourism industry.

Those people who have an interest in joining this sector should pursue a course in the tourism industry or in sports management. Sports Tourism is a growing industry all over the world and hence there are lots of job opportunities available. People can work in managing the trip for their customers or in marketing and advertising for the sports events, stadiums to promote the tourism sector.

In the absence of any sports tournament in a city, the sports professionals can leverage the popularity of sports stadiums, museums and can promote them. For example in London, the tourists come to visit the famous Lord’s cricket ground even when there are no matches taking place in the stadium. They visit the whole cricket ground, Lord’s museum, buy Lord’s memorabilia and enjoy the whole experience of being a part of the historical cricket ground.

In India, Sports Tourism is a growing sector and will continue to grow with the upcoming U-17 FIFA World Cup in the countryalong with tournaments like Indian Premier League, Indian Super League etc.

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