#HumFitTohIndiaFit Three enemies of good health are oil, sugar and sodium – Setting Goals with fitness Gurus (FICCI)

On Monday 23rd July 2018, FICCI Sports organised a conference on fitness “Setting Goals with Fitness Gurus” in its premises to contribute its part of share with PM Modi’s campaign for #HumFitTohIndiaFit . The event is based on the fitness issues faced by people from various age groups and those who have different life style.

The main panelists for the events were Mr.Guru Mann, ( Fitness motivator, Nutritionist, Author, CEO & Founder of GM Nutrition), Mr.Sheru Aangrish (Promoter -Sheru Classic), Ms.Mansi Gulati (International Yoga Acharya & Former Mrs India), Mr.Varinder Singh Ghuman (Indian Professional Bodybuilder), Mr. Tahsin Zahid, COO- SPEFL-SC (Sports Skill Council) and Mr. Siddhartha Upadhyay, Co-Chair, FICCI Sports Committee. The panel was moderated by Mr.Sushant Malhotra (Director – Satan Paradise).

The main takings from the event are :-

  • Mr. Guru Mann discussed about the quantity of 3 most alluring and necessary elements for our body. Oil, Sugar and Sodium – these three ingredients are necessary for our body in a certain quantity but excess intake of these can cause severe issues in body function and overall health. The quantity we use in our food is mostly without any measurement and in abundance which is not useful for our body.
  • Supplements are ad-on to the diet of a sportsperson, its not only useful for a bodybuilder but also for a regular sportsperson to survive on the ground and to provide his body necessary amount of nutrition because due to mutation in food products the essentials and nutrients of the natural food are on extinction with time. One can make muscles even without supplements if they take proper balanced diet with necessary amount of nutrition. At the same time, it is the responsibility of parents that their kids don’t get trapped into the faux culture of supplements for no reason and requirements.
  • Mr. Varinder Singh Ghuman discussed about his reliance on vegetarian food for his balanced diet. One can become a good sportsperson with vegetarian diet as well. We have alternatives for everything to compensate the component we are lacking from non-vegetarian food. Lion consumes non-vegetarian food on the other hand Elephant consumes vegetarian food, they both are strong according to their life style and requirement. Lion has too much strength but Elephant has ample amount of strength in him.
  • Ms Mansi Gulati discussed about the requirement of fitness awareness among women. If you aware one woman regarding the fitness necessity and the balanced nutrition in diet, She will take care of whole family in this regard. Good fitness regime and activity is necessary for a healthy life which we generally ignore but its also our duty to take care of our body organs to make them work efficiently.
  • Mr. Tahsin Zahid pointed out that the Skills Council was mandated to produce 2.1 million trainers, fitness experts and coaches in the next few years for enabling them to get jobs in industry. The training programme, he said, was funded entirely by the government and the NSDC certificate they receive, at the end of the training, is recognised in India and overseas.

    The message that must go down to the people is: healthy food is tasty food… if combined with eating less and exercising more, the ?India Fit? vision would no longer be a mirage.

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