EPL – Revenue and Global presence

English Premier League has recently posted a pretax profit of $290 Million according to Deloitte annual review of football. EPL in the recent past accumulated a pretax losses of $2.6 Billion over the previous ten years. Current EPL revenue is more than the combined revenue of Italian and Spanish leagues. Even though Spanish league has one of the biggest clubs in world of soccer like Barcelona, Real Madrid but Still EPL beat them all these leagues. All the top 20 English premier league clubs are ranked in the top 40 globally in terms of revenue. EPL broadcast revenue has risen 48% in 2013/14. One of the biggest players in international soccer has done transfer from their existing clubs like Alexis Sanchez from Barcelona to Arsenal, Mesut Ozil from Real Madrid to Arsenal, Anthony Martial from Monaco to Manchester United, Olivier Giroud from Montpellier to Arsenal. All these players doing pretty good in their respective league.

Sports Merchandize and Sponsorship

Sports merchandize has become major source of revenues World of Soccer for both players and their respective clubs. Players and clubs earning large amount of money by getting sponsorship from multinational companies like Puma and Emirates for Arsenal FC club, Etihad sponsors Manchester City etc. Even the competition is very cut throat these days among clubs to reach summit at the end of the season. Even the lesser known clubs which were almost nonexistent 2-3 years back are doing exceptionally well in their domestic leagues e.g. Leicester City in English premier league, Fiorentina and Napoli in Spanish league, Celta De Vigo in Spanish League.

World Richest Club in Soccer

Club Revenue
Real Madrid $ 628.5 M
Barcelona $ 611 M
Manchester United $ 566 M
Paris Saint German $ 523.6 M
Bayern Munich $ 516.2 M
Manchester City $ 504.8 M
Arsenal $ 474.3 M
Chelsea $ 457.4 M
Liverpool $ 426.7 M
Juventus $ 352.8 M

 Author – Varun Lau

Image Source – http://www.themag.co.uk/assets/fifty-pound-note-football-finance-newcastle-united-nufc-02-650×400.jpg

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